Detailed explanation of skip hoist type concrete batching plant for sale​

What is skip hoist type concrete batching plant

Skip hoist type concrete batching plant is one type of stationary concrete batch plant for sale. The aggregates and sand are fed into the electrical cement mixer by a skip hoisting hopper, that is why we call it as skip hoist type concrete batch plant. It is the most popular concrete plant for sale in the market.

Some brands from European countries only provide this type ready mix concrete batching plant no matter which kind of project will be used.

concrete batching plants

Skip hoist Concrete batch plant for sale Philippines

For HAMAC skip hoist type concrete batch plant, normally speaking, it is suitable for the clients who owns their projects where needs ready mix concrete. 

It is not for commercial concrete batching plant for selling concrete to the end user.

Features of skip hoist type concrete batch plant

1. Compact design, high efficiency: It is designed as modular structure, occupy small area. And it can be placed flexibly according to the actual situation of the site, and the ready mix concrete for sale can be discharged in multiple directions. The optimized design of each component has the same efficiency as that of the belt conveyor type concrete batching plant for sale

batching plant in Peru

2. The hoisting mechanism runs smoothly and has a low failure rate: it adopts dynamic drop point feeding, no eccentric load, and stable lifting; rope loosening protection limit to avoid reverse rotation. 

3. Accurate weighing system: The cement weighing hopper adopts octagonal design, which has good rigidity and smooth discharge; independent free scale frame, pneumatic self-balancing technology, prevents the phenomenon of supporting scales and pulling scales.

HZS25 concrete batching plant installed in Piura, Peru

4. Integrated layout and quick installation: The main components of the whole ready mix batch plant for sale are integrated with water circuit and pneumatic circuits. Most of the components are installed in the factory, and the interface is reserved, and the installation can be completed within three days after arriving at the construction site.

Bird view of skip hoist concrete batching plant

5. Reliable and durable wearing parts: using quenched and tempered H-shaped steel rails, the rails are not easily deformed, and the skip hoist hopper is protected by intelligent devices such as sensors and travel switches during operation, which is safe and reliable. The service life of wearing parts is extended to more than 50,000 cubic meters, and it will never fall into the bucket.

JS750 central mixer of concrete batching plant

6. Easy maintenance and operation: multiple intelligent design, automatic lubrication, automatic alarm and the use of reliable electrical components to reduce the difficulty of maintenance personnel to maintain the equipment; there is a system of automatic batching, automatic operation and real-time monitoring of data in the production process.


Concrete batching plant is being installed

7. The weighing instrument is powerful, with functions such as power-off memory, automatic zero point range tracking, automatic tare weight removal, automatic correction of advance amount, etc., and accurate measurement.

Skip hoist type concrete batch plant layout

In order to assist our client to understand the skid hoist type concrete batch plants well, we prepare the below concrete batch plant layout. Then you will see and understand it clearly.

concrete batching plants

A wheel loader will feed the 3 or 4 different storage hoppers for different sizes aggregates and sand, and then the aggregates and sand will be weighed by the load cells. 

After weighing, the aggregate and sand will be transported into the skip hoisting feeding hopper for the horizontal shaft mixer. This hoisting hopper will lift the aggregate and sand to the feed opening of concrete mixer.

The cement comes from the metal silo for sale by the screw conveyor, water is supplied by the water pump will be weighed as well by different load cells, then all of these material will be fed into the mixer for mixing. 

After mixing, the concrete will be discharged into the concrete mixer truck, also can be discharged into the concrete pump for sale directly. 

All of the weighing, mixing and discharging process are controlled by the software automatically. The formula of concrete will be entered into the computer software system, so all the materials are fed into the concrete mixer accordingly. 

Then high quality central mix concrete is produced.


There are two different types concrete batching plant for sale, why we should choose the skip hoisting type? Honestly speaking, it depends on your requirement.

1. It design is compacted, so it occupies small area. So, if the working site is not so big, this skip hoist type concrete batching plant is a good option;

2. The investment. Compared with the belt conveyor type concrete batching plant for sale, its cost is lower. And it can be shipped by less containers, the sea freight can be saved as well.

3. It will take shorter time to be assembled and easily to be moved between different working sites. We have different models of this concrete bath plants for sale. Please contact our expert for more professional information on this.

As a manufacturer of China concrete batching plant for sale, HAMAC sold the concrete batching plant to all over to many countries such as Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, Rwandan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia etc. We got good feedback from our clients. They are satisfied with quality of our concrete batch plants. Here are some working sites of HAMAC batch plant for sale in the world.(please note that for these three pictures below, the sheets and picture should be parallel in the same level)

HZS25 small concrete batch plant for sale with 50 ton cement silo in Kuwait

HZS35 skip hoist type concrete batching plant in Peru


HZS50 skip hoist type concrete batching plant in the Philippines

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