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Concrete batching plant for sale is a construction material processing plant consists of central concrete mixer, material weighing system, material conveying system, material storing system and control system etc. along with other accessory devices. Its main working principle is using cement as cementing material to mix aggregates, sand, cement, fly ash etc fully together in order to generate concrete, which as filling material in construction operation.

concrete batching plants


Stationary concrete batching plant for sale is the most widely used concrete batching plant in the world. As a mature manufacturer of stationary RMC batching plant, HAMAC designed this series stationary ready mix concrete batching plant

concrete batching plant

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Philippines

The mobile concrete batching plant Philippines is a concrete mixing equipment that integrates the material storage, weighing, conveying, mixing, discharging and automatic control systems of the traditional stable concrete batching plant

concrete batching plants

Portable Concrete Batching Plant For Sale

A portable concrete batching plant for sale is batch mix plant without foundation. For this kind of concrete batching plant, it can be towed to different working sites by a tractor or wheel loader. For this type machine, the foundation is not required.

concrete batching plant

Dry Type Concrete Batching Plant For Sale

HAMAC Dry batching plant is a full automatic stationary dry type concrete batching plant does not include a mixer. Ingredients of the concrete are transferred directly to the truck mixer after weighing without a mixing process…

concrete batching plants

Asphalt Mixing Plant For Sale

Asphalt mixing plant, also known as asphalt concrete mixing plant, asphalt concrete batching plant, refers to complete sets of equipment for mass production of asphalt concrete. 

concrete batching plants

Bolted Type Cement Silos For Sale Philippines

The bulk cement silo provided by HAMAC is a new type of bolted type cement silo. It is a new type of silo that can be used after being transported to the construction site and assembled with bolts. This type of silo machine is completed by machining