Hollow Block Machine For Sale

Brief introduction of hollow block maker machine

Hollow block machine is the device for producing various hollow blocks and paver bricks. You can just change different molds for different sizes blocks or bricks on the HBM, then you can produce different blocks and brickssuch as: Eco brick, insulating block, hollow block, holes block, solid block; and paver blocks, such as: interlock block, Dutch block, curb; as well as concrete members, dry base brick, planter bricks, fence block for parks, air port and wharf, etc.

HAMAC can provide you with egg-laying mobile concrete block machine, manual block machine, semi-automatic concrete block machine and full automatic hydraulic concrete brick making machine for sale as options to produce different hollow block size Philippines.

There are many different types and models concrete block making machine in the market. According to different standard, we can divide them into different type.

Mobile type, also name egg-laying concrete block making machine, it can be moved all the time, and the block is produced on the ground, no need the pallet. It is suitable for some small factories with big working areas;

Stationary type, it is suitable for medium and big scale concrete block factory. Its capacity is much higher, so you need the pallet to take the concrete block to the curing area to stock them;

We can design the hollow block factory for you according to the land you have. We have the working sites in different areas of Philippines. You can visit them for a clear idea.

For most of the clients who want to invest on the chb making machine Philippines, they know standard size of hollow blocks in philippines exactly. Some of the clients who do not know it clearly, according to our experience on communicating with clients from Philippines, the below hollow block chb dimensionphilippines are very popular. Chb 4, chb5, chb6 and chb8.

  • Chb 4 dimension: 40cm (length) x 20 cm (width) x 4 in (thickness)
  • Chb 5 dimension:40cm (length) x 20 cm (width) x 5 in (thickness)
  • Chb 6 dimension:40cm (length) x 20 cm (width) x 6 in (thickness)
  • Chb 8 dimension:40cm (length) x 20 cm (width) x 8 in (thickness)

How to make hollow blocks in Philippines?

A fully automatic concrete hollow block making machine production line includes aggregate batching machine, twin shafts concrete mixer, or JQ pan mixer or planetary concrete mixer, concrete block making machine, automatic stacker and pallet feeding machine as options.

  1. The cement mixer is used to produce the concrete, for the concrete for hollow block for sale, it is not wet concrete, but a little dry;
  2. The concrete will be transferred to the hopper of concrete hollow block machine and waiting for making concrete block;
  3. The hollow block will be made by the molds of chb machine, different hollow blocks dimension Philippines can be made via changing different sizes hollow block molder;
  4. After that, the block on the pallet will be collected by the automatic concrete block stacking machine; Below is Our working video of CHB machine in Philippines, you can see it.

How to choose a right model of hollow block making in Philippines

It is good business for concrete blocks. The hollow blocks price Philippines is higher and higher in these years. If you want to invest on the concrete hollow block business, there are several factors needs to be considered before purchasing,

  1. Your budget, it is the most important factor needs to be considered;
  2. What is the most popular block size, brick size or paver size in Philippines?
  3. What is the hollow block price, bricks price philippines, chb price Philippinesor paver blocks price in Philippines?
  4. How many pieces block or brick you want to produce per day or per hour?
  5. How many workers you want to employ? Then you can decide to use automatic hollow block machine or semi-automatic hollow block maker.
  6. Do you have enough land to arrange the concrete block machine there?

Factors affect the price of CHB machine in the Philippines

When you want to buy a hollow block making machine in the hollow block machine suppliers in the Philippines, there are many factors to be considered before making decision. Hereby, we can tell you some useful tips on the price of hollow block machine.

  1. The capacity of the concrete brick machine. The higher capacity, the more expensive block making machine will be.
  2. The different sizes molds and quantity of different dimension of block or brick molds. Normally speaking, hollow block mold is cheaper. The paver brick mold is more expensive.
  3. The cement mixer you prefer. Some clients prefer the planetary concrete mixer for sale, this can get the better quality concrete. But some clients want to save cost on the block making business, they will choose the double shafts concrete mixer for sale;

How much is hollow blocks in philippines?

People always want to know the price list of hollow blocks, but the price is different if the dimension of cement bricks is different. According to our experience, we can provide you with some standard and popular size of hollow block design for sale in Philippines. They are different hollow block dimension.

So, you have to ensure the hollow blocks size firstly, and then consult the price from the concrete hollow block suppliers in the Philippines. Sometimes, its price will be affected by the aggregate and sand price, cement price Philippines etc.

Capacity of popular model HBM machine