Diesel Concrete Pump For Sale

DHBT series diesel concrete pump is widely used in the working area without power supply, and the diesel engine concrete pump rent business. As a manufacturer of diesel engine trailer concrete pumps, HAMAC can provide our clients with the diesel concrete pump trailer from 30m3/h to 90m3/h. And we have stock of diesel trailer pumpcrete for sale in Manila, Philippines. Please contact us directly if you need the pumpcrete.

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What is a stationary diesel concrete pump?

Let us see its name, stationary diesel concrete pump, when we say it is a stationary pump, that means, it can notmove by itself. It is different from the truck-mounted concrete line pump which can move by itself. When we say diesel concrete pump, diesel means it is driven by diesel engine. The diesel engine drive the hydraulic pump to provide the power to the whole machine. It is the most popular and hot sale concrete pump in the world.

The naming rules of diesel concrete pumps are as follows, for example, DHBT40-10-82, D means diesel engine, 40 means the capacity is 40m3/h, 10 means the outlet pressure is 10Mpa, 82 means the diesel engine power is 82kW. Some factories also named it as HBT60S, this “S” means it is S valve which is a key part of ready mix pump.

Trailer-Mounted diesel Concrete Pump Application Fields

Diesel Concrete pump trailer has wide applications on the concrete road construction, tunnel construction, bridge project, port project, civil building construction, etc. It will highly improve the concrete pour efficiency, shorten the project time and save labor cost. It is an ideal device for most of the concrete pouring projects.


How do you determine what size diesel concrete pump you need?

There are many different models concrete pump for sale in the market, you have to select the suitable model concrete pump for your projects. There are several advices for you to choose the suitable concrete trailer pumpcrete.

  1. The usage of the diesel concrete pump. For your own projects only or for rent? If for rent, you had better choose a medium size trailer diesel concrete pump. Because there will be different clients use it in the future. It shall be a wide usage range. If for your own projects only, you can only consider the concrete for your projects only, and then choose the suitable size;
  2. Your budget. How much you want to pay for the diesel towed concrete pump. The bigger model, the more expensive;
  3. What is the biggest aggregate size in the concrete will be pumped? Normally speaking, for wider application range, we suggest you choose the trailer-mounted concrete pump with concrete cylinder diameter at least 180mm;
  4. How many meters high and how many meters far you want to pump the concrete? If lower buildings, the small concrete pump is enough;

When you choose a stationary diesel concrete pump, it is not a right way to choose the biggest one or smallest one. You have to consider these factors together, and then make the decision to choose a right one concrete pump.

Tips for buy diesel concrete pump

When you want to buy a diesel concrete pump, there are several tips to be noticed, so that you can save time and save cost.

  1. To see the brand of diesel engine, HAMAC concrete pump adopts original WEICHAI, YUCHAI and Cummins. This will affect the maintenance in the future, if you purchase a concrete trailer pump with a diesel engine which is not famous, it will be a problem for you to get the spare parts in the future;
  2. Consider the brand of main hydraulic oil pump, KAWASAKI is our standard configuration for the concrete pumps. It makes the diesel concrete pump work stable;
  3. Consider the diameter of the concrete cylinder, there are the cylinders diameter from 140mm-200mm. Some of diesel concrete pumps with only 140mm concrete delivery cylinder, that means, they are only suitable for the concrete with maximum 20mm aggregates in it. Its usage range is very narrow.
  4. Consider the clamps, rubber seals. HAMAC concrete pumps adopts quick-release clamps, it will save time when you arrange the steel pipes. And the rubber seal of our machine is polyurethane seal, which can last longer time than the common rubber seal;
concrete mixer with pump
concrete mixer with pump

Diesel concrete pump VS pumpcrete truck, which one is better?

(做一张拖泵和泵车的合成图 VS)

Pumpcrete truck and stationary diesel concrete pump are often used concrete construction machinery and equipment, Both of them with the function to mix the concrete in the hopper and pump the concrete to high rise building. But the concrete boom pump is equipped with long boom to deliver the concrete to certain height and horizontal distance, the stationary concrete pump without this function, the end users need to connect the piping for concrete delivery. Which one is better choice?

Before make the decision, we have to see the advantages and disadvantages of these two pumping machines for sale. And then make your choice accordingly based our projects requirement.

  1. Flexibility, the truck mounted concrete boom pump is equipped with boom, it can pump the concrete to the right place directly, no need to use additional pipes; but the stationary concrete pump for sale without the boom, steel pipes and rubber hose is required;
  2. Mobility,pumpcrete truck for sale is equipped with vehicle chassis, it can move by itself between different working sites. But trailer concrete pump can not;
  3. Application range; because of the limit of boom length, the pumpcrete truck is only can be used for construction of housing construction projects in the city or construction of some bridges, etc. But for trailer concrete pump, its application range is wide, it can be used for some high building more than 100 meters, and some tunnels need to pump concrete from long distance place.
  4. Price;pumpcrete truck for sales is more expensive than the stationary trailer concrete pump.

HAMAC provide you with the high quality diesel concrete pumps at an affordable price in the Philippines. Choose HAMAC, choose success!

HAMAC provide you with the high quality diesel concrete pumps at an affordable price in the Philippines. Choose HAMAC, choose success!

Technical Data of diesel pumpcrete

Theoretical Capacity M�/H 30 40 50 60 80 90
Delivery Pressure Mpa 10 10 10 13 16 22
Max. Pump Times Times/Min 24 20 22 22 23 23
Delivery Height M 120 120 120 180 180 350
Delivery Distance M 500 500 500 600 1000 1500
Distribution Valve Type S Tube Valve S Tube Valve S Tube Valve S Tube Valve S Tube Valve S Tube Valve
Delivery Cylinder Type Mm ?140�1200 ?180�1300 ?180�1300 ?200�1650 ?200�1650 ?200�1800
Main Oil Pump Mm ?80/55�1200 ?100/70�1300 ?110/70�1300 ?125/80�1650 ?125/?80�1650 ?125/?80�1650
Delivery Pipe Inner Diameter Mm ?125/?100 ?125 ?125 ?125 ?125 ?125
Engine Power Kw 56 82 82 129 129/145 199
Hydraulic Oil-Way Type Open Open Open Open Open Open
Max. Oil Pressure MPa 26 31.5 31.5 31.5 31.5 31.5
Slump Mm 80?200 80?200 80?200 80?200 80?200 80?200
Maximum Aggregate Size Mm ?30??20? Aggregate 40 Pebble 50, Aggregate 40 Pebble 50, Aggregate 40 Pebble 50, Aggregate 40 Pebble 50, Aggregate 40
Overall Dimension Mm 4970�1680 5270�1860 6600�1930 6600�1930 6600�1930 6800�2100
�2580 �2580 �2190 �2190 �2190 �2350
Wight Kg 3500 4500 4500 6500 6800 7000