Pumpcrete for sale

A pumpcrete for sale in the Philippines is generally mounted onto a truck chassis, hence why it can also be referred to as a ‘truck-mounted pump’. A boom pump has an arm (the ‘boom’) that can be easily and controlled remotely to deliver and apply concrete exactly where you need it. A boom pump is suitable for high-volume concrete pumping, with an output of at least 100 cubic yards an hour.

Brief introduction of Pumpcrete

As a mature manufacturer of concrete pumping machines, HAMAC provide our clients with thepumpcrete(truck-mounted concrete boom pump) from 30-70 meters length boom as options. A boom pump truck is ideal for delivering concrete from considerable heights and with a great level of accuracy. The rate at which concrete can be delivered, together with its high-volume capacity makes a boom pump ideal for projects on a larger scale.

Highlight of HAMAC Pumpcrete for sale

  • 1. Chassis and power system: FAW, SINOTRUK, FOTON and other heavy-duty chassis are equipped, with strong bearing capacity, good dynamic performance and low fuel consumption; it can achieve the characteristics of fuel saving, energy saving, and convenient maintenance;
  • 2. Pumping hydraulic system: full hydraulic control hydraulic system, oil pressure transmission signal, making the operation simpler and more reliable, improving the reversing speed of the swing cylinder, reducing the reversing impact, and at the same time, the instantaneous action of the large oil cylinder reversing is accelerated, which can make the concrete cylinder full, so that the concrete is pumped continuity and uniform discharge;
  • 3. Boom and outrigger hydraulic system: The boom adopts a load-sensitive proportional control system, which makes the boom run freely and has excellent operation performance; it can not only realize infinitely variable remote control, but also realize emergency manual operation in emergency situations; The oil circuit of the outrigger and the boom is directly switched to avoid misoperation and ensure the operation safety of the boom pump;
  • 4. Boom: Based on accurate data support through finite element analysis, dynamic analysis calculations and experiments. The material is made of high-strength low-alloy steel plate, and all materials and welds have passed 100% non-destructive testing to ensure reasonable boom structure and high reliability;
  • 5. Electric control system: Simple and reliable electric control system, the main electrical appliances are Schneider, equipped with two operating devices: panel and wireless remote control, using well-known brand wireless remote control, in line with ergonomic design principles, beautiful appearance, light and flexible operation.

4 Tips to choose a right model pumpcrete machine

    1. The selection of pumpcrete machine should be comprehensively considered according to the concrete project object, characteristics, and the required maximum conveying distance, concrete construction plan, concrete pump form and specific conditions;
    2. The performance of truck mounted pumpcrete varies with different models. When selecting models, in addition to considering the amount of concrete pouring, the type and structure of the building, construction technical requirements, site conditions and environment should also be considered. Usually the main performance parameters of the selected truck pumpcrete should be consistent with the construction requirements or slightly larger. If the capacity is too large, rate of capacity utilization will be low, and if it is too small, it will not only fail to meet the requirements but also accelerate the loss of the concrete pumpcrete truck;
    3. The concrete pump truck is flexible. The higher the boom height, the larger the pouring height and the distribution radius, and the stronger the construction adaptability. The high boom concrete pump truck should be used as much as possible in the construction. Concrete pump trucks with boom lengths of 30-40m are the most widely available products in the market, accounting for about 75%. The long-boom concrete pump truck will become the main model in the construction. In addition, the concrete pump truck is limited by the loading capacity of the chassis of the vehicle. When the height of the boom exceeds 42m, the cost increases greatly, and it is limited by the space on the construction site, so it is generally rarely used;
    4. The concrete pumpcrete truck adopts full hydraulic technology, so it is necessary to consider whether all the hydraulic technology is advanced and the quality of the hydraulic components. Because its power comes from the engine, in addition to considering the performance and quality of the engine, the performance, bearing capacity and quality of the vehicle chassis should also be considered;

    If you still have any doubt on choosing a right model pumpcrete truck, please contact us for more detailed information. 

Comparison between 3 typespumpcrete machines

HAMAC provide our clients with various types of concrete pumps to transfer the concrete to high-rise buildings, highway and overpasses. We can also customize concrete pumps according to the needs of customers. There are three different types of concrete pumps as options for different projects. You can make a right decision according to the below table. 


Horizontal pumping
Trailer concrete pump

Truck – mounted concrete fine pump

Pumpcrete for sale
( Truck – mounted concrete boom pump )
Vertical pumping
Can do , but it will take time to prepare the pipe

20-90m3 / h

Can do , but it will take time to prepare the pipe

60-100m3 / h

Ideal equipment with boom directly , no need to
prepare pipe

More than 90m3h


It is mounted onto a trailer , allowing for easy transportation. But you need one more truck to
take the pumping pipes and tow the concrete
trailer pump

It is mounted onto a truck , allowing for easy transportation . But one more truck is required for more pipes . Because not too long pipes can
be brought by itself.

It is directly attached to a truck allowing for excellent mobility . Wherever the truck goes the
boom will go with very convenient

Emission standard for consideration
The lowest in these three pump machines

No need to consider , it is non – road device.
The medium in these three pump machines

With truck , need to consider the emission
standard locally
The highest in these three pump machines

With truck , need to consider the emission
standard locally


Can be put into the container, sea freight is

Delivered by RORO , flat rack or buk vessel

Delivered by RORO track or bulk vessel

Technical parameters

FAQs of Pumpcrete Machine

HAMAC provide our clients with 30m, 38m, 52m, 56m, 62m and 70m pumpcrete. 

Normally speaking, HOWO from SINOTRUK group is our first choice. It is very famous, and good quality. The most important thing is that the after-sale service can be got locally. The spare parts for HOWO is very popular in the Philippines; 

According to our experience, 30m pumpcrete truck is suitable for this three floors building;

HAMAC provide our clients with 12 months guarantee period; 

For this pumpcrete truck, we have not. But for the trailer concrete pump, we have it in stock in the Philippines for sale;