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Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher For Sale

VSI crusher meaning is Vertical shaft impact crusher. The vertical shaft impact crusher is also named as sand making machine. It is a new researched equipment, with international advanced level technology and modern processing equipment make it a leading role in this industry. VSI Sand Making Machine is widely used for artificial sand making, in metal and non-metal ores, cement, refractory material, bauxite, silicon carbide, glass material, building material.

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Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

VSI series high-efficiency vertical shaft impact crusher is a high-performance sand-making equipment developed by HAMAC combined with the actual needs of artificial sand-making after many technical improvements.

This series combines the unique rotor structure design (hard rock shaping + sand making), excellent wear-resistant material technology, extremely fast crushing speed, and unique hydraulic design, etc. It has become one of the preferred equipment in the sand-making industry.

Working Principle Of Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

Features of VSI crusher

  1. New design process, cost reduction and efficiency increase, energy saving and environmental protection;

Using a new four-outlet design, compared with the three-outlet rotor, the crushing efficiency of the same material is increased by about 20%, and the service life of the rotor is increased by 30%-150% compared with the previous equipment; the “stone-on-stone” working mode is adopted to reduce wear resistance of tear and wear parts, effectively reduce costs.

  1. One machine with multi-purpose, with excellent aggregates and sand cubical shape or round shape, and easy maintenance by hydraulic opening;

The special rotor can be freely converted for sand making and shaping. The peripheral guard plate can be removed for hard rock shaping, and the finished sand shape is cube; the guard plate can be used for hard rock sand making. The module can be controlled automatically; the advanced hydraulic cover opening and lifting device is convenient for daily maintenance and repair of the equipment, increasing the running time and utilization rate of the equipment.

  1. Quality assurance, low failure rate, safe and stable operation;

The core components are made of wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant materials, and special technology is used to prevent oil leakage from the bearing cylinder. While improving the quality of the equipment, it reduces the failure rate of the transmission system and ensures the stable operation of the equipment. It is equipped with an automatic detection and alarm device to ensure the safety of the product during use. .

  1. Low energy consumption, high output, long life and small wear;

Reasonable design of crushing cavity material impact angle, reduce energy consumption and use cost, increase output by 30%; unique bearing maintenance process can ensure that bearing lubrication is always in good condition, prolong equipment maintenance cycle and service life; Material utilization rate: The diamond-shaped impact block is adopted, the auxiliary hammer head is increased, the damage rate of the vertical plate is reduced, and the utilization rate of the whole machine is increased to more than 48%.

Why you want to use a Vertical shaft impact crusher?

Nowadays, too many construction projects are being built. Although there is much natural sand in the river, it will be less and less. And it is not environmentally friendly if too much natural sand is explored. It must be a trend in the development of the country. To solve this problem, a vertical shaft impact crusher is recommended for you to make artificial sand.

Another vertical shaft impact crusher is used to adjust the shape of aggregates and sand, making them cubic or round. High-quality concrete requires the best proportion for different sizes of aggregates and sand. So if the aggregate and sand are cubical or round shapes, the gap between different stone sizes will be smaller. That means less cement is required for the concrete. Too much cost for the cement can be saved. If the aggregates and sand are slice-shaped, the gap between different aggregates is too big. If you want to produce the same tolerance pressure concrete, you must use more cement to fill the gap. The cost will be higher. So, for the long-term consideration, if the vertical shaft impact crusher processes the crushed stone, and then for the concrete usage, it will save a lot of cost on the cement.

HAMAC can provide a complete solution for the artificial sand-making and shape adjustment of aggregates and sand.

Different usage of VSI impact crusher

  • The VSI sand making machine can be used to process many different kinds of materials, hereby we list it clearly one by one. Then you can see if it can be used in your business.


    1. Artificial sand making of river pebbles, mountain stones (limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, etc.), ore tailings, and stone chips.
    2. Water conservancy and hydropower in the engineering field, high-grade highways, expressways and railways, passenger dedicated lines, bridges, airport runways, municipal engineering, machine-made sand production and stone shaping of high-rise buildings.


    1. Production of building aggregates, road fabrics, cushion materials, asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregates.


    1. The fine crushing process before grinding in the mining field, and the material crushing of building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, mining, refractory materials, cement, abrasives and other industries.


    1. High abrasiveness and secondary disintegration and crushing, desulfurization in thermal power and metallurgical industries, steel slag, construction waste treatment and other environmental protection projects.


    6. Production of glass, quartz sand and other high-purity materials.
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FAQs of Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

The price ofVertical Shaft Impact Crusher related to the model, new or used Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher etc. It is a too wide range. You have to contact our sales manager for more information.

For the Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher maintenance, it is simple, not so complicated . The tear and wear parts are side liner board, cone plates. You just want to lubricate it with grease per shift. And check the jaw plate frequently to see when to replace it.

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