Diesel Concrete Mixer For Sale in Philippines

Diesel concrete mixer for sale in Philippines is a traditional drum type concrete mixer. It has the advantages of simple structure, higher reliability, mixing thoroughly, and large output capacity, easy operation, flexible transposing, etc. It works without a diesel engine, so that it can also be used in places without electric power supply. The mixer is widely used in general construction site, road and bridge engineering, and many other branches of civil engineering which does not require a very high quality concrete.

What is diesel concrete mixer?

Diesel concrete mixer manufactured by HAMAC is equipped with famous brand diesel engine in China. It is a traditional drum type concrete mixer whose working principle is self-falling gravity type. The drum works as clockwise rotation is mixing and anti-clockwise rotation is discharging. The rated output capacity of this series concrete mixing machine is 0.35 and 0.5cubic meters per batch. The diesel engine is used to drive the hydraulic pump to provide the power to drive all the devices of the diesel concrete mixer. So, it is a fully hydraulic diesel concrete mixer.

Components of diesel concrete mixer

This series diesel concrete mixer consists of the loading system and power transmission system, the frame assembly, hydraulic system, mixing system;

  1. Tyre 2. Frame chassis 3. Casing of the radiator 4. Transmission system           5. Hydraulic system

6.Water supply system           7.Loadingframe          8. Mixing drum 9.Support wheels 10. Feeding hopper

Characters and advantages of diesel concrete mixer

  1. Heavy duty design, reversing drum, hydraulic feeding concrete mixer,
  2. High mixing efficiency, it can produce up to 40 batches per hour;
  3. 14-20 cubic meters per hour output capacity, it is equipped with water tank with water meter, so that you can control the exact quantity of water for each batch concrete;
  4. Electric start engine, air cooled diesel engine / water cooling diesel engine are optional,
  5. Towable chassis with two pneumatic-tired wheels,
  6. Jacking system allows wheel removal for storage during long-term working;

How to operate a diesel concrete mixer?

  1. Tow the diesel concrete mixer to the working site and put it on a flat ground and support it with the support legs;
  2. Before starting the engine, check if the hydraulic oil, engine oil, fuel and water in the engine are enough or not; and check the oil in the clutch-gearbox and the gear box;
  3. Start the engine and let it run for 5-10 minutes without any load, and test every functions to confirm the diesel concrete mixer can work normally;
  4. Then the diesel concrete mixer can work normally, please note that it is strictly prohibited to stand under the lifting feeding hopper when it is working;
  5. Before stopping the diesel concrete mixer, please put some medium-sized pebbles and water to mix for 3-5 minutes and then discharge them, repeat several times to remove the residual concrete on the drum. The concrete in the mixing drum must be cleaned after each work is completed.
  6. Then stop the engine and keep the key safely;

How to ship the diesel concrete mixer for sale?

HAMAC manufacture two models of JZR series diesel concrete mixer, JZR350 and JZR500. For one 20ft container, it can load three units of JZR350, two units of JZR500; one 40ft container, it can load six units of JZR350, four units of JZR500. In order to save the cost for shipping, the diesel concrete mixer will be delivered disassembled. Then our clients need to assemble it according to the manual we provide.

Technical Data of diesel cement mixer

Discharging Capacity(L)350350500
Charging Capacity(L)560560800
Maximum Size
Of Aggregate(Mm)606080
Hopper LiftingHydraulic SystemHydraulic SystemHydraulic System
Diesel Engine Power(Kw)
Power Of Water Pump(Kw)0.750.752.2-3
Accuracy Of Water SupplyError≤2﹪
Dimensions In
Container (Mm)2750×2200×24002300×1900×25002300×3300×2500
Overall Weight (Kg)135014002300