Skid Steer Loader

Skid steer loader is a very suitable equipment for small construction site or work site with undulating ground. For that the euqipment is typically with four-wheeled or tracked vehicles. HAMAC can guarantee the high quality and competitive price of all earth moving machines for sale in our company. 

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What is a skid steer loader?

Skid steer loader for sale is also named bobcat machine, bobcat loader or bobcat skid loader, because the famous company BOBCAT who is very good at this machine, they are supplying the skid steer to all over the world for many years. Its skid loader can be seen everywhere in the world. So, when people want to buy the skid steer loader for sale, they will say they want to buy bobcat. This is the power of brand.

Skid steer loader for sale Philippines is mainly used in situations where the work site is small, the ground is undulating, and the work content changes frequently. At the same time, it can also be used as auxiliary equipment for large-scale construction machinery. The skid steer loader can be installed with various attachments for operation, flexible and hydraulic interfaces with various flow rates, which can be randomly and quickly replaced at the job site or hooked up to various skid steer loader attachments to adapt to different working environments and job contents.

Features of skid steer loader for sale

  1. High configuration for main parts. The main hydraulic pump is Italia Bondioli high-pressure viable plunger pump. The running motor is an Eaton single-speed or two-speed motor. The engine is from a famous brand such as XINCHAI, Kubota, or Perkins. The key hydraulic parts like the gear pump, multi-way, pilot valve, leveling valve, etc. are original products imported from Europe and America.
  2. It adopts a plate welding arm that has high loading capacity and good integral rigidity, long-term durability, and reliability. The bucket cylinder can reach 100/50, and the maximum dig-up capacity is over 3 tons. The deluxe cab is very nice-looking and comfortable using the blow molding interior decoration.
  3. The joystick control operation structure is our company’s patented technique. The controlling distance can be adjusted for different drivers’ requirements. The rear-mounted radiator uses a rotational structure, which heavily improves the maintenance ability.

Different types of skid steer loaders in HAMAC

As a skid steer loader manufacturer, HAMAC provides you with a small skid steer loader skid steer track loader which is equipped with a crawler, remote control skid steer loader. They are designed for different applications.

For the common skid steer loader, it is for common usage for most of the work conditions. You can change different skid steer loader attachments to achieve different functions. It is mounted on four tires, which can be pneumatic or solid tires for skid steer loaders.

The track steer is suitable for some soft soil work conditions because it is mounted on the crawler. If you use the tire-type skid steer loader, maybe it will sink into the soft soil.

The remote control skid steer loader is widely used in places where workers are not allowed to enter, such as workplaces with thin oxygen, places with strong radioactivity, work sites with dust, and so on. At this time, the remote control skid steer can easily cope with it, and we have equipped the camera on the machine to see the working situation clearly.

Skid steer loader specifications

There are many backhoe loader brands in the world, such as CAT backhoe loader, Case backhoe loader, John Deere backhoe loader, JCB backhoe loader, New Holland backhoe loader, Foton backhoe loader, etc. Which one is the best backhoe loader in the world?

Honestly speaking, every backhoe loader supplier, they have its advantages. You can choose according to your budget and if it is easy for you to get the after-sale service. So, we have to consider these factors together.

As one of the backhoe loader manufacturers, HAMAC provides you with a high-quality brand new backhoe loader for sale, but the price is reasonable. All the backhoe loader parts and hydraulic systems are supplied by famous brands’ factories. So, HAMAC backhoe loader Philippines is a high-cost-performance option for you. We welcome you to come and visit our factory to check the quality of our backhoe loader.

Model HC25 HC45 HC65 HC75 HC100
Operating Load (Kg) 300 500 850 1050 1200
Max. Speed (Km/H) 9 10 12 12 18-Dec
Hydraulic Flow (L/Min) 37 60 75 75 75
Max. Working Flow (L/Min) 23X8.5-15 8.5-15 12-16.5 120 140
Tire Model 18.4 29.5 45 12-16.5 12-16.5
Rated Power (KW) 25 60 70 55 74
Fuel Tank Volume (L) 1500 2300 2800 75 90
Self Weight (Kg) 0.2 0.3 0.4 3500 3550
Bucket Volume (M³) 300 500 850 0.5 0.55
Note: Our products are being updated constantly, all rights reserved by HAMAC.

Skid steer loader attachments that HAMAC provides

HAMAC not only provide our clients with different types and models of skid steer loader Philippines, but also provide the skid steer loader attachments for different brands skid steer loaders. Our skid steer attachments are compatible with most brands of machines. All of them are designed according to the skid steer loader drawing of different brands.

Skid steer loader were delivered to different countries

These years, HAMAC exported the small skid seer loader to different countries. Because our skid steer loader price is reasonable, and quality is very good. The client chooses the HAMAC skid steer loader and gave us good feedback for its work performance. Here are some photos for your reference.