Bolted Type Cement Silos For Sale Philippines

Cement silos serve as essential equipment for concrete mixing plants and can also be used independently to store cement in large-scale projects. They are designed to store bulk cement and dry fly ash, providing features such as rainproofing, moisture-proofing, and user-friendly operation. HAMAC offers a range of cement silos for sale, with capacities ranging from 10 to 2000 tons, allowing customers to choose according to their specific requirements.

  • 50-2000 tons as options
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Bolted Type Cement Silos For Sale Philippines

The asphalt mixing plant is typically categorized into small, medium, and large sizes based on its production capacity.

The asphalt mixing plant can also be classified into stationary, semi-fixed, and mobile types based on its migration mode.

Based on the mixing method, the asphalt mixing plant can be further divided into two types: continuous drum type and intermittent forced asphalt mixing plant.

How Many Types of Cement Silos for Sale in HAMAC

Based on their mobility, cement silos for sale can be categorized into two types: portable cement silos and fixed cement silos. Additionally, they can be further classified as either horizontal cement silos or vertical cement silos.

Vertical Cement Silos

Vertical cement silos are cylindrical structures that are supported by four round tube legs. They are commonly referred to as bolted type cement silos. The bolted type cement silo is constructed with a welded steel structure and equipped with a dust collector and a pressure relief valve at the top of the silo. This type of silo is typically used as supporting equipment for concrete batching plants.

Horizontal Cement Silos

The horizontal cement silo has a square shape and is supported by multiple legs. This design eliminates the need for a foundation, making it suitable as a portable cement silo. It is commonly used in mobile mixing plants and foundation-free concrete mixing plants.

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Get Price of Cement Silos for Sale in HAMAC - Reliable Cement Silo Manufacturer

HAMAC offers a wide range of cement silos with storage capacities ranging from 50 tons to 2000 tons. Additionally, the height and diameter of the cement silos for sale in our company can be customized according to your specific requirements. The prices of cement silos vary depending on their types and capacities. To obtain an accurate quotation, please contact us and provide the following details.

  1. Cement silo capacity you need. If you are not sure, you can also tell us the project type, project size and other factors, and our engineer will give you the most professional advice.
  2. The diameter and discharge height of cement silos. For that the support leg length will be different, as well as the different cost.
  3. The configuration of accessories will also affect cement silos price. You can tell us your budget, we will configure the most cost-effective cement silos for you.