Truck Mixer For Sale

Truck mixer is the necessary equipment for concrete transportation on the construction sites. HAMAC provide you with the concrete mixer truck from 4-12m3 volume. Customers can select according to different requirements. 

Brief introduction of truck mixer for sale

For the concrete transportation from the concrete batching station to the working site, HAMAC provide you with the concrete mixer truck for sale from 4-12m³ volume. Regarding the chassis, we have different options such as SHACMAN, HOWO from SINOTRUK, FOTON etc. The client can choose the one which can get the local service easily.

For the ready mix concrete mixer trucks, HAMAC can provide our clients with the standardcement mixer drum sizes volume such as 4m³,6m³,8m³,10m³,12m³. Meanwhile, we can provide the customized transit mixer for different projects such as tunnel, mines etc. If you have the chassis already, just inform us the dimension of your chassis, then we can customize the drum mixer for you including the hydraulic system. 

Cement mixer truck Without Chassis

As a professional manufacturer for concrete transit mixer, HAMAC can produce the cement mixer drum only according to the truck chassis which the client have already. The normal procedures are below, 

  1. The client provide the drawing of the truck chassis, we will check the wheel base, tread, the position of PTO to see if this chassis is suitable for a truck mixer or not; 
  2. After confirm the chassis is suitable for a cement mixer truck, we will communicate with the client the volume of the drum he needs, and if the chassis can load this weight. 1 cubic meters concrete is approximate 2.8 tons. 
  3. Confirm the brand of hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, gearbox speed reducer, and the volume of water tank. In different countries, people prefer different brands of hydraulic parts. HAMAC can provide you with ARK, TOPUNION, REXROTH, INTERPUMP, SUNNY etc. 
  4. After the drum mixer is ready for delivery, we will test it in our factory and provide a detailed explanation how to install it on the chassis. So our client can assemble it easily together with the chassis. 

How tall is a concrete agitator truck?

  1. For all the concrete agitator truck for sale, their height will not exceed 4000mm. Because for the RMC plant for sale, their discharging height is various from 3800mm to 4100mm. This height is designed based on the height of concrete mixer truck. 


What are the most important parts on transit mixer truck?

  1. For the transit mixer truck for sale, the parts you have to consider are the brand of chassis, diesel engine brand, to see if you can get the parts easily locally; the brand of hydraulic parts and gearbox. For some famous brand hydraulic parts for the concrete mixer truck, their quality is very good. It will last very long time. For example, for our 8m³and 10m³concrete truck mixer for sale, the chassis is SHACMAN, equipped with CUMMINS 345HP, EURO V diesel engine. And the hydraulic parts and gearbox from ARK brand. We provide 3 years guarantee period. 

    (放10方搅拌车图片,参数cement mixer truck specifications)

Factors affect the mixer truck price in the Philippines

There are many different models of mixer truck for different usage, their price is different from each other. There are several factors will affect the price of truck mixer for sale as below:

  1. Volume of mixer drum, the bigger, the more expensive; 
  2. Brand of truck chassis, BENZ, SCANIA, VOLKSWAGON will be more expensive. But the mixer truck in Philippines, most of them are imported from China. The popular chassis brand are HOWO, SHACMAN, FOTON, DFAC etc. 
  3. Brand of hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor and gearbox. The more famous, the more expensive. We suggest pay more attention to these three parts. Do not save cost on them. It will affect the work performance of the truck mixer in the future; 
  4. Quantity of axles, for some same volume drum, two axles and three axles are both ok for it. Then you have to choose a suitable chassis according to the local law for the chassis load; 


How to clean the concrete truck after working?

After working, there will be some concrete remains on the inner walls of the tank, if you do not clean it immediately, it will become thicker and thicker, then the real volume of truck mixer drum will be affected. 

In order to solve this problem, the easiest way is put some stone which is approximate 30-50cm, and feed water into the drum, and then start rotating the drum. Between this procedure, the stone and water will clean the concrete inside the drum inner wall. After it keep rotating several minutes, you can discharge the water and stone out to a place to recycle the concrete. 

There is another formal way to recycle the concrete and wash the drum, it is a machine called Concrete Reclaimer. It is highly recommended for the Ready mix concrete company. It will recycle the aggregates, sand and cement. The working flow chart as below, you can see it. 


Why choose HAMAC for ready mix truck mixer?

There are many concrete truck mixer suppliers in the world, all of them have their advantages. Here are some reasons to choose HAMAC cement truck mixer. 

  1. Famous brand truck chassis, we have strong relationship with SHACMAN, SINOTRUK, FOTON etc, this can ensure the price and time of delivery; 
  2. Famous brand hydraulic parts and gearbox, we provide you with 3 years guarantee for these three critical parts; 
  3. The mixing and transporting concrete has good homogeneity, high feeding and discharging speed, low discharge residual rate,
  4. It can be used to transit the concrete, but also can be used to mix the dry material directly when it is moving, it is an ideal truck mixer for dry batch concrete as well. 


HAMAC provide you with full solution of commercial ready mix concrete batching plant business. Welcome you contact us for further information.